I took this shot of my friends horse last week. Fun times!

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Limit To Your Love


James Blake – Limit To Your Love from James Blake on Vimeo.

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Hauschka – Alexanderplatz by Hauschkamusic

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Age of Sufjan


Sufjan Stevens
Sufjan Stevens won me over in 2003 with his album Michigan. Since then he’s been steadily bringing out amazing work, with possibly the exception of last years BQE (I’m not 100% on that one). From what I’ve heard this next album The Age of Adz is a solid representation of his brilliant song writing and masterful composing.
If you’d like to hear some NPR is streaming the album here or check out the song below.

Sufjan Stevens – Impossible Soul

Update: I take it back. This is the worst album he’s ever done, and after seeing him perform it live I would say that he’s changed a lot, not for the better.

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How bout a post Mo!


AT-AT day afternoon from Patrick Boivin on Vimeo.

Good gravy! How long has it been!
Maybe I’ll try to get back into this.

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No Snow


I was out shooting Steve Powling earlier tonight, but not on a snowboard like I usually do. Tonight we hit up a underground parking garage in Barrie where he threw down a few tricks on his fixed gear bike. It was so wonderful not be dealing with all the conditions of the snow. Don’t get me wrong, I had a fun year shooting snowboarding, but I’m pretty happy to see that weather go!!

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On the Road


It’s been quite a long time since the last post, ailment not sure why, cialis it just has been that way.

It’s music that’s drawn me back in again, pills I love to share it (and please feel free to return the gesture).

This will be my second post about Entertainment for the Braindead and for good reason. Her sound is soft, sweet and seems to dance lightly around the room. She can even evoke a little chortle now and  again. All of her albums are free, you can download this latest one here.

A Note from Julia (Entertainment For The Braindead):

Sometimes a tiny, coincidental discovery can open completely new horizons. Like when you’re on a crowded party and that one person you decide to talk to turns out to be the love of your life. Or when you’re in a room full of instruments and for once you decide to not to pick the lute, not the weird, fascinating cello-like instrument on the wall… but the banjo.

The Roadkill EP was born from one of these discoveries. There are lots of instruments that I’d always really wished to own or be able to play, a piano, a cello, a harp, a clarinette… but I would never had expected that one day I could fall in love with a banjo.

Yet since this is exactly what happened, I decided to start exploring this instrument’s versatility by recording a couple of songs equipped with nothing else but a banjo. (Well… I admit, there’s a tambourine in one song..)

Over the last four months I collected those songs. They occasionally sprouted, sometimes several a day, sometimes none for weeks, and then grew and ripened. I harvested them at home, though a bit more carefully than usual. They tell little tales of friendship and failure, of discovering the world and of hiding at home, and the banjo helped tracing their contours and gave them a shape.

It brought me through a very cold winter. Now maybe it can brighten yours a bit, too?

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There was a bit of a crisis here at today. When upgrading our wordpress version there was a critical error and all seemed lost. Alas with more than a few hours of work we’re still here. In all the commotion I got to thinking it’s time for some change. New look and more posts coming soon!!

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Ron Jon’s Comp at Horseshoe



Here’s one of a few (still to be posted) images from Horseshoe Resort yesterday.
More up soonish.

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Owen Pallett (the band formally know as Final Fantasy)


Owen Pallett

This was a wonderful cd release concert. Here is a track from his new album Heartland. Enjoi!

Final Fantasy – The Great Elsewhere

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Sunny Monday. . .#1


Sunny Monday Minute from steve powling on Vimeo.

I’m the big guy trying to get his ass onto a narrow six foot barrel. As graceful as a tap dancing rhino. . .but the rest is pretty bangin, enjoi!

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About a little more than a month ago my 80GB iPod, buy which was full of music and something that I got a lot of joy out of, here went missing. Needless to say I was on a constant search for it. It eventually lead to a complete and total overhaul and cleaning of my room (which was probably a good thing). Luckily in that cleaning I found my beloved iPod in a pair of shoes, site not 100% sure how it got there but you can imagine how stoked I was to see it again! Celebratory Bill Cosby dancing and all.

Report: Most College Males Admit To Regularly Getting Stoked

Thanks to the Nuge for passing on the link.

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First Video


Here is the first of hopefully many videos I filmed for my friend Steve Powlings site called GEEZUSLOVESYOU. I will go more into the project later, healing for now enjoi this fun edit that Steve put together!

First Weekend from steve powling on Vimeo.

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Abandoned Houses


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Not Right


Hi all,

I’ve been quite busy lately and once again apologies for the lack of posts.

Earlier this week I was looking to upgrade my memory card for my camera and like a good e-connoisseur I checked out what was out there and who had the best prices via the interweb. I had done this a few months ago when I was debating which camera to get and there were noticeable differences between camera stores in the US and Canada. Understandably so, it cost more to ship to Canada and the exchange rate is an ever changing issue too, still nearly everything was with in reason after you take into consideration those factors along with duty and a bit of greed. Which lead me to wonder about these cards show below:

This first one is from Vistek in Toronto

and this second one is from B&H Photo in New York


???. . .same card. . .pretty different price. . .something’s not right. . .

side note: When I asked about these cards at the Toronto location of Henry’s (the major photography chain in Ontario)  they had no idea what I was talking about.

Update: I’ll have mine from B&H in a day or two

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